Disegno #19

Disegno #19 includes:

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby get to grips with ceramics; the interface design of the on-demand economy under scrutiny with UberEATS; nine tools for the contemporary alchemist; Kaat Debo and Alexandre Samson discuss curating the legacy of Martin Margiela; the effects of government on Singapore’s design policy; Konstantin Grcic reflects on moving to Berlin after 18 years in the same Munich studio; the mystery behind a series of lost sketches by the Swedish designer Thea Leonhard; design as a vector for community pride in Silo Studio’s Wealdstone leg; Eva Franch i Gilabert shares her plans for the directorship of London’s Architectural Association; a travelogue from São Paulo, by way of the Campana Brothers and a history of modernism; lessons from Amsterdam’s Vluchtmaat squat for asylum seekers; Aboubakar Fofana’s efforts to revive Mali’s indigo tradition; spectacle and its place in the theatrical design of David Rockwell; fighting the encroachment of state infrastructure in the Zad and NoTAV movements; and a series of stories about textiles with Jonathan Olivares.