A tool to help any creative process, encouraging lateral thought, idea generation and problem-solving. It has grown out of a deep belief in the value of encouraging creativity in others, and improves in application the more you use it. 

There is no ‘right’ way to use the dice, or how to interpret the words. You are the designer, and the dice are just a tool! That said, we suggest that breaking a project down into themes; ‘Unpack’ (Red), ‘Develop’ (Green) or ‘Craft’ (Blue), or working against the clock (Yellow) with a stack of sticky-notes (one for each idea) will provide a great environment for getting the most out of any creative moment.

For example; ‘20’ minutes (Yellow) to find & draw as many ‘Metaphors’ (Green) as you can. Or ‘60’ seconds (Yellow) to define the ‘Problem’ (Red) as clearly as possible. Think laterally and go for volume. The quality will follow.