Design by Thinking: Thinking Trademarks, Symbols And Logotypes

Ken Cato (Author)

This volume profiles 150 trademarks, symbols and logotypes from around the world giving examples in nine categories of origin. Showcased with detailed images and rich, photographic detail, this unique guide illustrates examples from marques based on alphabetical forms, human forms, cultural connections, natural resources, flora and fauna, known forms, built forms, abstract forms and word marks.

Beautifully packaged and designed, and richly illustrated with insightful commentary from an international body of peers, this book harnesses the thinking and philosophies behind some of the world's most influential symbols, trademarks and logotypes used in the commercial industries today

Compiled by the eminent Dr Kenneth W Cato AO, an Australian designer with an international reputation and who has been awarded numerous accolades for his work in brand management and design.

This book is a superb reference title for those in the design industries, advertising, corporate and education fields

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published by The Images Publishing Group (14 April 2017)
ISBN 9781864706666
15.9 x 1.5 x 24.2 cm