Delicate Rebellion #3

The Delicate Rébellion is an independent magazine for those who are looking for inspiration outside of the everyday. With thoughtful interviews with artists and creatives and stories from people behind passion-led independent brands. you’re always sure to find new treasures amongst their pages. 
Delicate Rébellion #3

A new project out of Edinburgh, this 'powerful little storm' from founder and editor Hannah Taylor covers everything from culture, community, art, fashion, society, wellbeing, business and tutorials and is the material focus of the wider Delicate Rébellion collective for 'gentle souls and curious hearts'.

Our maiden issues have been welcomed into the fold better than we ever expected, so we’re feeling excited to deliver this one under without the pressures of lockdown.

Issue three (‘someplace’) introduces you to the things, people and places that inspire us most as well as the insanely talented artists and creatives who are delighted to give you a little wander inside. Get ready for their stories to find a home in your heart the way they always do.