Dada #1

Issue 1 - A tribute to Nobuyoshi Araki

Dada is not just a magazine.
Dada is your encyclopedia of the contemporary underground.
Dada pays homage to the artistic forces that shaped the world we live in by unveiling the most outstanding creative minds of our generation.
Each issue documents how and in what forms a specific aesthetic has prospered and grown through the work of emerging artists.
Who is next in line.
Who is taking over.
How the conversation is moving forward.
Dada reflects on the meaning of legacy and evolution.
Dada is a subjective and aesthetic tribute to the gifted souls of our time and a never-ending conversation on today and tomorrow’s creative matters.
We dedicate the first issue to the magnificent and controversial masterpiece of Nobuyoshi Araki.
Eros and Thanatos.
The art of pleasure. The nuances of love. The poetry.
Enjoy the journey.

200 pages
240 x 340 mm