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Cycling Stars: A Trump Card Game

Who is the toughest rider of all time? Who is the fastest cycling sprinter the world has ever seen? Would the racers of the sixties beat the champions of today? Put these long-standing debates to rest with this collection of illustrated trump cards featuring the 30 brightest stars from the history of competitive cycling.

About the Author

Claire Beaumont is a lead creative at London-based bespoke bicycle manufacturer Condor Cycles. She has written for many publications including The Ride Journal,Cycling Weekly and Cycling Active. Rupert Smissen is an award-winning illustrator. He specialises in portraiture and figurative drawing, and works predominantly in traditional media. He has worked with many leading publications and brands, including Ray-Ban, The Sunday Times and Little White Lies.

Playing cards
30 illustrations
34 pages
99 x 65 mm
ISBN 9781856699631
Published December 2014