Crotch #10

Crotch is a men's underwear and swimwear magazine, featuring beautiful men, bodies and sexual liberation.

Warning. This magazine contains nudity.

In issue 10, we have lots of new men for you to meet, from - no stranger to boybands - Kevin, who shows us how he wears his latest gym wear. Then there's New Yorker Samy, who we met when he was on holiday here in London and is very much our kind of poster boy.

Elsewhere, we've dreamed up a couple of photo shoots any self-respecting boyband would be proud to pose for if they're feeling daring. We have a sweaty tussle with wrestler Steve, and have a backyard paddling pool party with Liel, Baptiste and Guy. Ollie and Matt have got oy goin' on in the latest Rufskin collection, and Jay lets it all hang out sat across from us in his apartment.

Printed on Re-cycled paper.