Create! #6

Create! Magazine is an independent, contemporary art magazine highlighting the work of artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

The art magazine is released bimonthly in a digital and print format.

"Each beautifully crafted edition features inspiring interviews, perspectives, and advice from the top creative professionals. We dedicate a significant portion of the publication to an array of artists selected by guest curators through our calls for art and contests. Artists, makers, and designers are welcome to submit to our blog at any time. We regularly feature blog submissions and strive to promote the work that fits our aesthetic."



Jeremy Miranda, Laurence Philomene, Maciek Jasik, Threadwinners, Young Arts Initative, Heather Day and Troy Counterman

Additional Features:

Kit King, Holly Zandbergen, Muzae Sesay, Meryl Pataky, Kelly Ording, Troy Lovegates, Jean Nagai, Brett Flanigan

Artists selected by Brock Brake of Athen B Gallery :
Peter Adamyan
Dan Bortz
Christopher Burk
Heather Day
Anna Di Mezza
Verdjinia Stefani Doycheva
Eric Dyer
Isis Hockenos
Sara Hupas
Tiffany Jan
Kelly Johnston
Laurence Jones
Mya Kerner
Kate Klingbeil
Joshua Dean Lammers
Magdalena Lamri
Giulia Livi
Booshra Mastour
Nicole Mueller
Senem Oezdogan
Miriam Omura
Yoonshin Park
Lorella Paleni
Julio Rodriguez
Katy Schmader
Suzanna Scott
S. Tudyk
Anastasia Tumanova
Nathan Tuttle
Morgan Ward
Lara Williams
Cindy Zell
Tong Zhang
Xi Zhang