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Create! #8

Create! Magazine is an independent, contemporary art magazine highlighting the work of artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

The art magazine is released bimonthly in a digital and print format.

"Each beautifully crafted edition features inspiring interviews, perspectives, and advice from the top creative professionals. We dedicate a significant portion of the publication to an array of artists selected by guest curators through our calls for art and contests. Artists, makers, and designers are welcome to submit to our blog at any time. We regularly feature blog submissions and strive to promote the work that fits our aesthetic."


On the Cover: Pierre Schmidt

Romily Alice
Cracking Art
Brooke Didonato
Ben Evans
Emma Repp
Pierre Schmidt
Nes Vuckovic

Highlight Artists
Zaria Foreman
Lisa Ostapinski

Section Curated by The Tax Collection
Whitney Babin
Chloe Bennett
Lily Brown
Kayla Buium
Taylor Cox
Kelly Crabtree
Julie Crews
Tavin Davis
Diana Dzene
Tucker Eason
Heather Gauthier
Lisa Golightly
Zoe Hawk
Patty Horing
Dan Huston
Haein Jeong
Yuko Kyutoku
Katelyn Ledford
A.e. Mabry
Stephen Mangum
Mark Mann
Jenna Mcnair
Mychaelyn Michalec
Jennifer Nieuwland
Emanuel Pavao
Anne Plaisance
Gary Plummer
Kris Rehring
Jette Reinert
Eric Rodriguez
Jaime Scott
Jordan Segal
Lucas Stiegman
Martin Swift
Stefanie Thiele
Kirsten Valentine
Andre Veloux