Create! #16

Create! Magazine is an independent, contemporary art magazine highlighting the work of artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

198 pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary artists for you to discover and be inspired by.

Michele Melcher

“My Breakup Letter To Productivity Guilt” by Ekaterina Popova
"Post-Grad Blues and the Need for a Creative Community" by Christina Nafziger


"Know, Love, And Believe In What You’re Doing" Interview with Evan Hecox by Alicia Puig
"In Search Of Beauty" Interview with Claes Gabriel by Ekaterina Popova
"Bringing Climate Awareness Through Textiles" Interview with Vanessa Barragão by Ekaterina Popova
"Pushing the Boundaries of Photography into the Third-Dimension" Aimée Beaubien by Christina Nafziger
“Revealing the Unseen” Interview with Marc Scheff by Ekaterina Popova
"Stepping into a Still Life Experience" Interview with Erika Stearly by Ekaterina Popova

"Satisfy Your Sweetest Desires" a Profile on Artist-Entrepreneur Robyn Blair Davidson by Zoë Goetzmann
"Choosing Passion over Practical" a Profile on Artist Elisa Valenti by Alicia Puig
"Competing Against Yourself" a Profile on Artist Jeff Manning by Alicia Puig