CR Fashion Book #15

The 15th edition of CR Fashion Book explores the effect personal environments and circumstances have on our own presentations to world. And, perhaps more so, how, as Carine says: “in the pursuit and the maintenance of [both], we push each one to its extreme, creating and accepting our own versions of reality.”

Complementing the current issue of CR Fashion Book, which explores the juxtaposition between private and public personas, CR features one of the most famous families in the world on a special, limited-edition cover. Clad in custom Mugler pieces and Yeezy shoes, it’s the first time all six Kardashian-Jenner women are featured together on the cover of a fashion magazine. A rare and intimate interview with matriarch Kris Jenner—who also appears on a second, solo cover—supplements the groundbreaking moment.

Starring music icon Céline Dion—long known for her privacy—delighting in a new-found experimental spirit, and models of the moment Remington Williams and Lara Mullen in a fashion portfolio by Steven Klein about the secret life of the bourgeois, the four covers speak to this constant relationship of push, pull, and repeat.

Elsewhere inside CR Fashion Book Issue 15, Carine pens a deeply personal letter to the late Karl Lagerfeld in the form of a fashion homage, resurfacing one-of-a-kind pieces from Chanel’s archives to honor his legacy; newcomer Leyna Bloom discusses being the first transgender woman of color to star in a movie at the Cannes Film Festival; Judith Light, Making a Murder attorney Kathleen Zellner, Nixon impeacher Elizabeth Holtzman, and eight other inspiring women share thoughts on talent, conviction, and substance; an exclusive look into Rick Owens’ mysterious headquarters in a tiny Italian town; and much more.

All covers may not be available