Counterpoint Journal #16

Issue sixteen - Flight

Up, up and away. The new Counterpoint is all about flight, from firework factories to hot air balloon makers. There are urban bee sculptures, cross-dressing trapeze artists, and a guide to in-flight etiquette. 

Counterpoint is risograph printed using a three-colour palette. this means that, not only is it beautifully bright, but each copy is slightly different from the other. It also shares the profits of sale between all contributors - and we heartily applaud that!

There are some great illustrators doing their thing in this issue and we particularly love the 'weird vintage hippie feelings' emanating from that cover by Eunjoo Lee. Other illustrators in this issue are Hattie Clark, Liam Rotheram, Peter Ryan, Jonny Mowat, Steph Coathupe and writers Heather Booton, Kenza Marland, Julie Farrell, Samuel Love and Stephanie Hornstein.