Counterpoint #24

Counterpoint is an independent magazine featuring original writing and amazing illustration. Each issue has a different, unique theme and comes packed with thoughtful features and gorgeous original artwork.

The Long Issue.

Counterpoint is made in Leith with a special Japanese printing method in red, yellow and teal ink.

This issue includes writing from Katie Hawthorne, Peter Simpson, Sam Goncalves, Harry Harris, Eilidh Akilade, Kenza Marland and Heather Parry alongside illustrations from Bridie Cheeseman, Lizzie Lomax, Rosie Ryott, Frieda Ruh and Lucy Grainge. There’s an original cover by Ot Pascoe and interviews with Jonny Hannah and Max Machen.

Read it, rip it, pin it to your wall. There’ll only be 600 copies ever made, and thanks to mechanical misregistration and the quirks of riso printing, each one ends up unique in some way.