Counterpoint #23

Counterpoint is an independent magazine featuring original writing and amazing illustration. Each issue has a different, unique theme and comes packed with thoughtful features and gorgeous original artwork.

The Failure Issue.

Counterpoint is a magazine featuring original illustrated interviews and features focusing on the theme of Failure, Risograph printed in Scotland with three inks.

It’s about defeat, despair and defiance in the face of loss. And the occasional delay.

This new edition is full of susprising, sad and inspiring stories about confronting failure; including interviews with artists and gardeners, essays about yearning, videogames and parenthood; and recipes for upside-down cake.

Every copy printed unique
  • Printed in Leith with a special Japanese printing method in pink, orange and teal, this issue of the magazine includes:
  • Searching for missing authors with Peter Houston
  • Beating the Titanic’s high score
  • Two essays from spooky Scottish author Kirsty Logan
  • Drawing lessons with Alex Harwood
  • Embracing the chance of failure in art
  • Fighting against the odds with Katie Goh
  • Humour from Sage Huston
  • Gardening in the city
  • A time-tested recipe for upside-down pineapple cake
  • Amazing illustrations from Ellis Tollsma, Karin Eremia, Steph Coathupe, Erica Borgato, Verity Pease, Zara Wilkins, Viktoria Mladenovski and Bethany Thompson