Milk #56

MilK N°56 (English text)

TRAVEL (168 pages, English texts)

COVER: Travel with the family, to Gorée Island, Puglia, Halkidiki…
MEET: Ondine Saglio & CSAO + Eugénie Prévert
LIFESTYLE: Bedding boom + the collaboration MilK & Habitat
SHOPPING: Bucolic celebration, red amber, retro beachwear, Africa mania, high protection
FASHION: Africolor by Karel Balas + Splash by Bobby Buddy + Papier nu by Tobias Zarius + Walk this Way by Esperanza Moya + Invisible Sun by Mark Shearwood…
MOOD: First name
HEALTH: The night enlightened
FOOD: Green Kitchen Stories
TRAVEL: In Puglia, Greece and Chamonix
LEISURE: Summer camps and theme parks
FAMILY LIFE: Timeless house in Portugal