Lizzy Black And Gold Small Studs

Nadja Carlotti is a French brand of Jewelry, whose leitmotiv is sobriety and lightness. Across collections since 2007, Nadia designs with balance of forms and colors. She’s always guided by her watchwords: elegance and minimalism, Travels, history of Art, Architecture, offer her an endless source of inspiration.

All her jewels are imagined and made in France, in Paris, in brass gold plated, nickel free and in collaboration with Parisian crafstmen (welder, gilder, enameler) whose know-how is a guarantee of quality.

The collection "Lizzy" is a plunge into the History of Art from the beginning of the 20th century: Constructivism.

Lizzy, a diminutive of Lissitzky, one of the artists of this artistic Russian movement.

The idea was to build a jewel by following the same formal constraints artists of this movement: using a circle,, a triangle and a straight line. Each element has its own dynamics and creates a tension when they meet of the others.