Herdes #Vol XIV - The Icelandic Issue

The Icelandic Issue = Vol. XIV - Spring / Summer 2023

Introducing our 14th issue, which celebrates a new approach to travel and fashion in a post-pandemic world. The “slow” movement – encompassing slow travel and slow fashion – is redefining both industries. HERDES is embracing this philosophy and lifestyle, valuing quality and savoir-faire over fast and irresponsible consumerism.

To embody this philosophy, we have embraced the concept of slow-reading, where each issue is individually designed and produced to suit its content and destination. With a book format and an exquisite finish, we surpass the conventional standards of periodicals. Our goal is to create a collector’s item for the most discerning bookshelves and coffee tables.

Our new Icelandic Issue marks the start of this new concept, where slow-travel is central to the experience. Iceland offers the opportunity to explore its regions, culture, language, traditions, way of life, gastronomy, products, and stunning environment at a relaxed pace.

Iceland’s climate and geography make it a complex country with incredible natural beauty. Its customs are unique and fascinating – the descendants of Vikings, Icelanders are strong, rigid, and exceptionally clean. Water is a vital element in their lives, a source of life, surrounded by it, and used in thermal baths thanks to the volcanic geography.

Due to the extreme climate, Icelanders are homebodies, often spending their social life at home – reading, and doing artistic activities. This has resulted in a wealth of artistic and design talent. In this issue, we showcase some of these talents and the natural and beautiful corners of Iceland, as well as the cosmopolitan side of its capital.