Herdes #Vol XII - The Athenian Issue

Herdes, a biannual fashion and travel publication launched in 2016 and present in 15 countries, that has become an inspirational media for a creative, nomadic and style-leading generation.

Herdes has revolutionized the way we see travel and fashion through a new and risky visual narrative, offering intriguing and avant-garde content thanks to the work and passion of its contributors.

Herdes celebrates a luxury format, combining the look of a carefully designed collectable book with the most innovative content of a fashion and travel magazine.

Athens, cradle of mythology and city guarded by Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. City of classic art, purity and simplicity in all its splendour. The Mediterranean tradition is captured and embodied in each of its streets, its people, its gastronomy and its culture, awakening in each one of us such inspiration that floods both our senses and emotions. The monumental pillars and the white stone sculptures surround this city and its corners, leaving pieces of antiquity and history scattered in its wake. Each image portrays the beauty of the Greek polis with the peculiar golden ratio that characterises it. The Greek aesthetic has managed to endure up until now, and despite having learnt how to renew with modern elements, it has accomplished to maintain its essence without losing sight of its origins. The fusion of the new and the old has given way to this volume in which the harmony of opposites predominates and the contrast between white and striking colours reflects that.

Interview with Sergio Roger by David Alarcón

Seen from afar, it might seem that the sculptures created by Barcelonian artist Sergio Roger are made of stone or marble. His tireless search for inspiration in ancient artistic representations of beauty refers us to these materials that we are so used to finding in museums and galleries. But it’s not what you think. His “textile sculptures”, as he defines his work, are made of linen and other fabrics that the creative collects from specialized antique shops, markets and textile collectors around Europe. No detail is missing: the expression of the busts, the draping of the garments, the symmetry of the Greek columns… His artistic universe is absolutely enveloping and surprising, and he shows us that a different way of doing things is possible. Even when we look to the past for references.

We can visualize how Sergio works in his studio, focused on polishing his creations while he listens to an ancient history podcast or classical music, as he tells us in this conversation. Aiming to be true to himself and with no intention of pleasing everyone, the artist sees himself as a process in continuous construction and raises questions about society’s relationship with history. A fascinating vision that has led him to exhibit in some of the most renowned galleries in the world. We immerse ourselves in his creative universe.

Terpsichore by Smarlen Almonte

Terpsichore is a ceramic artist, who livesand works in the city of Athens. On this occasion she opened the doors of her home to show us a personal selection of her works, as well as to introduce us to her family. She has recently become a mother and it is important to point out that, according to her, this is one of experiences of her life.

250 pages, Hard Cover, 23 x 30 cm.