Craft Beer Glass: Aroma

Craft beer glass designed by Aderia, Japan.

Product specification

Size: max. width 8.5 cm x diameter 6.3 cm x height 17.9 cm
Material: Soda glass (fully ion-strengthened)
Capacity: 568ml

This beer glass allows you to enjoy the rich aroma of beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

The large bowl shape with a narrow mouth
The large bowl shape creates an aromatic space inside the glass
This allows the aromas of the beer to be concentrated.
It is the perfect glass for India Pale Ale (IPA) and other aromatic beers.
IPAs and other aromatic beers.

What is full ionic strengthening?
A glass that has been strengthened using a chemical reaction.
The entire glass is ionically strengthened and upgraded.
The body of the glass is also scratch-resistant.