Asset of Community Value #2

The latest project to launch on In Perpetuum is Asset of Community Value (ACV); a 200-page print publication that believes in community care. In Perpetuum is the latest way to crowdfund, support, and bring new, exciting independent publications to life. You can back new projects by pre-ordering the publication, or you can submit your project to become a fundraising campaign.

Facilitating and displaying the works of grassroots organisations and people who are engaged in community activity is the sole purpose of ACV’s work, with the aim to elevate those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to be heard. ACV stands for “Asset of Community Value”, a term that references the legislation wherein a building or piece of land is nominated for protection and preservation from development — instead being repurposed to benefit the social wellbeing and interests of a local community.

ACV is committed to fostering inclusion, activism, and raising consciousness with a collaborative spirit; they consider their magazine as a living memoir and want to help you tell the stories of your community. Through the zine, they are creating a living archive of community through print, broadening their work to include collaborative, real-space projects like events and workshops that can be documented as mementos for the publication while bringing people together.

We want everyone to be able to access a copy of the magazine, thus ACV will be offered at price points on a sliding scale, with the option to support their work further by donating. The money raised from the pre-order campaign will fund the writing and editing alongside the design, production, printing, and distribution of the zine.

ACV is and will remain a non-profit organisation. Any money raised through their campaigns, funding, or partnerships will go directly to the creatives and contributors who produce the publication.

Issue 02: Tradition

TRADITION: [latin: tradere], meaning to surrender, to give for safekeeping - the theme is as much about the past and present as it is the future. In this issue we’ll explore how different communities articulate their traditions, while others challenge or disrupt them.