Coffee Handy Roaster

Want to have a go at roasting coffee yourself? This is an affordable and practical way to start your roasting adventure.

Use around 150grams of high grade green beans.. Roasts usually take around 10mins!!.

Product Specifications
Green bean input : 3.5 ~ 5.3 oz ( 0.22 ~ 0.33 lb / 100 ~ 150 g )
Size : ( Diameter stainless steel bottom ) 8.9 in ( 0.74 ft / 225 mm ) x (total length) 15.7 in (1.3ft / 400 mm )
Weight : 9.8 oz ( 0.61lb / 278 g )
Material : Stainless steel 18-8 (Body), Oaks (Handle)

  • Safety and Durability: The strainer created from stainless perforated sheet exceeds in safety and durabiltty over the initial strainers made from iron.
  • Scientific Design: The strainer was designed to prevent the coffee beans from springing out by using centrifugal force.
  • Semi-open Type: The risk of getting burns decreased as the strainer does not require its lid to be opened and closed.
  • Precise Roasting Point: Wtth close observation of the small changes in color, you can now find the exact roasting point.
  • Uniform Roasting: With the uneven logo designed on the bottom, you can get a uniform roasting result.
  • Easy Maintenance: The convenient method of cleaning the strainer makes the maintenance simpler and easier.

How to use Handy roaster

  • First, Preheat the roaster as the medium-high heat, and then raised the roaster until upper side of the fire place on the underside of the roaster.
  • Put the green beans in the roaster.
  • Keep the power of the fire evenly, and adjust them through distance of the fire also you can shake them drawing a circle from left side to right.
  • Make sure the flat side of beans turning over, otherwise it may burn.
  • During roasting, the chaff will be fall out naturally.
  • You can blow off the chaff if you want.
  • If the color of beans look the proper color, put upside down immediately to the net and cool down them using cooler.

* Caution

  • The soot and distortion during the roasting can be formed because of the high temperature.
  • This is characteristics of a hand roaster, and it is not its defect.
  • When washing it, please rinse using running water and dry in airy room.
  • Don't scour the product. If liquid remains during drying time, the stain might be seen.
  • Please be careful the scald from hot products and just roasted coffee beans.
  • When you roast the beans, be careful the chaff (the peel of beans).
  • It is easier to clean out if you prepare some kind of newspaper under the roaster.