Gold Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants

From our friends at Botanopia - Gold Brass Chain: Plant Support for climbing plants

This gold brass chain was designed as a plant support for climbing plants. A uniquely stylish plant accessory for your modern home, here to lend your climbers a helping hand.

We designed this golden plant support when we couldn’t find one that suited the style of our home. It’s shipped in chic packaging, flat-packed (mailbox proof!) and ready to be assembled to your liking – reaching up to 1m90 high. Create two smaller chains or hang your chain upside down, it’s up to you to work this new item into your home design.

The plant support is made of brass, making it lightweight enough to be pinned to the wall with a push pin. Easily ready for your plant friend to climb! Of course, fastening it with a simple nail or screw is possible too. The chain is fit for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its protective coating.