CityStack - London Pub Coasters

A collection of 10 independent London pubs to discover & support.

Each pack provides a fun experience, including a map and a guide to help you explore various London boroughs and discover some of London’s best pubs:

- A booklet describing each pub.
- A map to discover the pubs across London.
- 10 coasters, one per pub, each provides £10 off a £20 spend.

Benefit from £100 savings with a single pack: this collection includes 10 money-saving coasters, each giving you £10 off a £20 spend at one of our amazing independent London pubs.

No restriction: get a pack and go to one (or all) of our selected pubs. Show the coaster to the bartender to get £10 off your order, on any item on the menu at any time.

Save money and support independent pubs: great pubs are willing to offer exclusive discounts with CityStack because it drives people to visit and discover them. You save money and the pubs gain new customers, it’s a win-win!