CircleZeroEight #1

CircleZeroEight is the magazine adding a glossy sheen to the sports world.
The new publication from Elgar Johnson is bridging fashion and culture for a new generation of sports fans.

Circle Zero Eight is the new magazine fusing sport and style. Elgar Johnson’s Circle Zero Eight explores the worlds of fashion and football, with contributions from Ewen Spencer and Katie Grand.

Elgar Johnson was still at school when he first recognised the power of sport. Back then, football was everything: if he wasn’t kicking a ball around, chances are he’d be watching his beloved Liverpool FC. Tennis and badminton took up a lot of time too, although a brief experiment with cricket ended following a badly broken nose.

But it was sport’s ability to shape and guide those around him that resonated the most. “There was always that bad kid, but then they’d get into the school team and become, like, the popular kid,” Johnson remembers, talking over Zoom in a red Liverpool hoody. “They have made numerous films about that sort of thing.”