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Cercle #9

Cercle Magazine has been founded in 2011 by three graphic designers and illustrators: Marlène Astrié, Marie Secher and Maxime Pintadu.

Each issue is based on a single idea. A concentration of different aspects of one particular topic (professional, visual, scientific, literary and artistic) in order to produce a surprising, cheerful and yet demanding magazine, aimed to be collected and to deliver timeless

Cercle Magazine n ° 9 will walk amongst flowers.

With a superb fontface in developement by Ariel Martín Pérez,
this upcoming issue promises a beautiful stroll through an ephemeral and living world.

Version anglaise
Format : 20 × 26,5 cm | 140 pages
Couverture imprimée sur papier texturé
Frais de livraison : 4€
Livraison France : Maximum 7 jours

Livraison international : Maximum 15 jours

Alain Baraton (Entretien, France), Ariel Martín Pérez (Typographie, France), Akatre (Portfolio, France), Sophie Rouart (Entretien, France), Johanna Rocard (Portfolio, France), Mike Willcox (Portfolio, USA), Luiza Holub (Portfolio, UK), Mao Lizi (Portfolio, Chine), Phil Greenwood (Portfolio, UK), Christelle Dion (Design graphique, France), Santtu Mustonen (Portfolio, Finlande), Alex MacLean (Portfolio, USA), Tristan Hollingsworth (Portfolio, USA), Mike Willcox (Portfolio, USA), Maison Fragonard (Entretien, France)…