Cartography #10

Cartography is a travel magazine specialized in itineraries across the globe. Each destination in Cartography comes with a photographic album, a short text, a map and an itinerary with recommended stops.

Cartography is made for the modern traveller. It’s where your next journey starts. Cartography. Your travel guide. Based in Milan, Italy. Published twice a year.

No #10

Scottish Highlands | Eastern Europe | Costa Rica to Colombia

In this issue, travel to the Scottish Highlands, Eastern Europe, and journey from Costa Rica to Colombia. Highlights include a collection of photographs by HRH Wolfgang Tillmans.

Tillmans is interested in the process that, starting from the image, reproduced in different contexts such as magazines, books, postcards, galleries and museums, nightclubsand music videos, record covers, posters, architectural spaces and theatrical stages, activates new dynamics of non-hierarchical, decentralized relationships, open to differences.

Might the mediated image at times be more impactful or enduring than a direct experience of the work? Might it be equally significant, even if different?