Candy Transversal #13

CANDY is a publication respected and appraised in the fashion and transversal communities for 11 years, while still being a niche publication with strong visuals and evolving graphics, daring casting and diverse content.

When CANDY started there was nothing like it and we are happy to have contributed to change. It is the perfect time to shed even more attention on our community now that all eyes are looking and much more open to see what we are showing.' -Luis Venegas.

'SUMMER 2021
C☆NDY TRANSVERSAL 13: Limited Edition of 1500 Numbered Copies
Wesley Tucker photographed by Doug Inglish
404 Pages

Bryce Anderson
David Armstrong
Don Bachardy
Michael Bailey-Gates
Louie Banks
Bill Bernstein
Biel Capllonch
Lisetta Carmi
Lia Clay
Frank Crivelli
April Dawn Alison
Sawyer Devuyst
Isaac Flores
Elizabeth G Brooke
Nash Glynn
Nan Goldin
Maria Jose Govea
Bob Gruen
Fayette Hauser
Peter Hujar
Bryan Huynh
Doug Inglish
Barry Kay
Marcelo Krasilcic
Gilles Larrain
Marcus Leatherdale
Antonio López
Christopher Makos
Leon Mark
Vali Myers
Katsu Naito
Byron Newman
Hasse Persson
Jack Pierson
Frank Quitely
Frankie Rice
Johnny Rozsa
Flame Schon
Richie Shazam
Ettore Sottsass
Hugh Steers
Alex Sturrock
Sunny Suits
Caroline Thomson
Andrea Vecchiato
Luis Venegas
Diego Villarreal
Theo Westenberger
Jimmy Wright

404 pgs, 33.5 × 24.5 cm, Softcover, 2021,