Butterfly Hotel

Butterfly Hotel

The Butterfly hotel is a practical design product within the Capi biodiversity collection. The butterfly is able to wait over there until winter is over. It will store enough energy for spring to fly around and find a partner. The butterfly hotel is made with natural materials and is 100% recyclable. The butterfly hotel is available in three colours: anthracite, white, and brown.

This product has the following characteristics:
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made from natural materials
  • There are 3 ways to mount the bee hotel: you can screw it on, place it on a stick, or use a strap to attach it to the rainwater pipe

Take a look at other products in our biodiversity collection as well. Take the bird houses for example. Each bird house is specially designed for multiple bird species. We also have bird feeders that are suitable for various kinds of birds.

And we have a bee hotel. Mix and match multiple products to create your own biodiversity corner in your garden or on your balcony/terrace