BUTT #32


Butt 32
"Yeah! " here comes Butt magazine 32 Spring 2023

• ROMAN, cover by S eve Maraia
• AKEEM SMITH, by ak Stone
• EILEEN MYLES, by Brontez Purnell
• OLIVER SIM, by Wi frid Wood
• SHAROK, by Phillip Picardi
• TRIO POLSKI, by K ba Ryniewicz
• ROMAN HANAK, b Steve Maraia
• JEROME AB, by Clif ord Prince King
• ASTRIT ISMAIL!, b Milos Trakilovi6
• ARISE, by Daiauke akaahima (68)
• KATRINA SUMME S, by Zac Bayly
• LSDXOXO, by Wolfg ng Tillmans

BUTT is a biannual magazine that features photography and interviews about alternative gay and queer culture and sexuality. Historically, the magazine has been marketed as for gay men. BUTT was founded in 2001 by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom

104 pages
24 × 17 cm