Buffalo Zine #10

Since we began publishing biannually, meeting our print deadline hasn’t happened once. So, for our tenth anniversary issue, we decided that our only objective was to launch on schedule so we could enjoy a holiday in August. Our deadline was concrete and inflexible. And what that means for you is an unfinished issue. We’re really sorry.

We did manage to find a bunch of forgotten voices who have advocated the beauty of the unfinished creative artefact, and cult figures whose careers were revived by renewed interest many decades later. Thankfully, nobody’s creative path is ever truly finished anyway. Buffalo Zine is ten issues old, but age is only a number, and (let’s be real) numerals are just something abstract we project to pretend we have control over our chaotic, messed-up world. The only constant we can offer is a printed wad of pages you can hold in your hands.

Contributing artists

Roe Ethridge,Camille Vivier,Blommers & Schumm,Chris Maggio, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Avena Gallagher, Michael Hauptman, Harry Lambert, Devin Blair, Robi Rodriguez, Mauricio Nardi, Bobby Doherty, Georgia Pendlebury, Celestine Cooney, Till Janz, Charlotte Roberts, Valentin Herfray, Ilya Lipkin, Fumi Homma, Rebecca Morgan 

and many more

480 pages, 3kg, 24 x 34 cm / 9.5 x 13 inches