British Journal of Photography #7885

British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest running photography publication.

For our July issue, we take a step away from finding meaning in the work we feature, instead reminding ourselves of the sense of play and pleasure that is at the heart of why photographers do what they do.

Once an aspiring marine biologist, self-taught photographer Jack Davison looks back on his career so far, collecting some of his most memorable portraits in his new book, Photographs.

As the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris prepares for a large retrospective of Henry Wessel’s oeuvre, Gerry Badger pays tribute to the late photographer’s life’s work.

Maisie Cousins picks and pairs her favourite images from her last three bodies of work for her new book, with which she hopes to close the chapter on the garish visuals she is known for.

“I got pigeonholed as a sex photographer, and I am sure some doors closed because of that – but many others opened,” says Del LaGrace Volcano, our Any Answers this month.

Our Projects this month celebrate unforeseen beauty in our shared landscape, from a fiesta in Menorca, to the iconic Eiffel Tower, and the humble London bus route.