British Journal of Photography #7878

British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest running photography publication.

Issue #7878 December 2018 - Nature

In BJP’s December issue we suggest an alternative take on nature photography, via images that celebrate the spiritual pull of forests, warn of an apocalyptic future, and suggest new approaches to the natural world

In our latest issue, Nature, we speak with Lena C Emery about her latest work, Yuka & The Forest, which draws on Japan’s powerful cultural connection to forests. Todd Hido’s latest series, Bright Black World, presents a more chilling vision, showing icy landscapes that suggest a impending environmental disaster. Yoshinori Mizutani takes on the genre of nature photography, meanwhile, proposing a fresher approach to images of wildlife with his series HDR_nature. We also offer an insight into the latest technology trends to emerge from the Photokina trade show. 

Our cover feature this month is the work of Yoshinori Mizutani, a Japanese photographer who shot to fame back in 2014 with his project Tokyo Parrots. Presenting a vivid, impressionistic vision of the birds, Mizutani’s images were a refreshing break with the usually staid approach to wildlife photography, which sometimes seems to emphasis sharpness and colour at the expense of visual appeal. His new series, HDR_nature goes further still, maxing out the camera settings and using explicit manipulation in an attempt to “develop a new form of nature photography”.