Brit Es #0

Brit Es* is a place where contemporary British and Spanish culture are brought together through articles on design, art, cinema, photography, music, theatre and more. We are a group of friends, professionals from different disciplines, living mainly in London, Edinburgh, Madrid and A Coruña, but we can be found all around the world.
We at Brit Es firmly believe that by promoting the work of Iberian and Latin American artists and filmmakers to an international public, we are assisting an intercultural dialogue between citizens and encouraging tolerant societies. For us, the internationalization of artists is directly linked to freedom of artistic expression. Curated contemporary cultural editorials and events create and contribute to the development of ideas and art strategies which address the world in all its complexity and also create opportunities for emerging creative people.

We are also interested in the connections betwen British and Spanish culture and we committed to promoting cooperation and understanding by highlighting the things we have in common and explaining the things that don't. We want to shatter stereotypes and bring to light our shared heritage. And it would be impossible to give a name to all the many that lie somewhere in between: Brits researching Spanish culture in the UK, Spaniards who are anglophiles from afar, etc... 

For more than 3 years, britesmag.com has been delivering an essential mix of critical, incisive and entertaining coverage of Spanish culture life in the United Kingdom to its online readers, with over a thousand articles, reviews and interviews published. And twice a year we design, curate, produce and promote "Cortometrajes, 7 Short Films"; an evening of short-film screenings.