BranD #67

BranD defines a new way to look into communication design by presenting, researching, and manifesting excellent works in visual art, advertising, product, graphic design, and more. Every issue defines a theme and invites worldwide notable branding designers to analyze and discuss the methodology behind meeting diverse customer demands, meanwhile enhancing the brand value through high-quality design.

BranD #67

“How can I convey the grand and inspiring themes of Love and Peace through my works? Although I don’t know where my creative path will lead, I sincerely hope that these two words will always guide me.”
- Kimi

No.67 is a special issue about Kimi and follows her inspirational journey as an artist. Not only do we feature retrospective of her works, we also pay her studio a visit and learn about her influences and creative process.

What’s more, 8 creatives are invited to talk about their favourites pieces by the Korean artist and share their views on art and design.