BranD #58

BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Brand Design and Branding, with English-Chinese and English versions, published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd. and distributed globally since 2012.

Every issue defines a theme and invites contributions from worldwide notable branding designers.

BranD No. 58 - Tell Me White

Have you noticed that we are drowning in the overloaded information and there is less space leaving for us to breathe? The increasing unread messages on phone, ever-growing to-read lists, and numerous articles collected from the social media yet never read…

In the era of information explosion, there is a large amount of information coated with dazzling colors and complicated design flooding on different platforms, which is to compete for people’s attention. We may be attracted by such a kind of design at the beginning, but gradually get numb as time goes by. Overloaded information deprives our space for breathing and thinking, which only makes us exhausted.

Why don’t we just stop, center the blank space in design and leave a space for thinking? It is not an ability to stack the design elements blindly, simplicity is not superficial, and minimalism is by no means a choice of laziness.

Minimalism advocates “Less is More”, and simplifies the design elements to the least, which makes the design simple and pure, leaving readers the space for imagination. Facing such an age of information explosion, we have decided the theme of this issue as “Tell Me White”.

No. 58 is “Tell Me White”. The content revolves around white and blank space in design, which can simplify the design and allow us back to the blank space to pause, think and imagine. Leaving blank space in design could make us only focus on the most important beauty.

Selling Points

  • BranD No. 58 has included 52 excellent design projects. The application scenes of these projects range from graphic design, product design, editorial design, to illustration, architecture and many others, showing the versatile functions of “white” in different mediums. The editorial team explored from white to minimalism step by step, and discussed their influences on design and life.
  • Exclusive interview: Kengo Kuma, an internationally renowned architect. Kuma’s design concept reconnects the architecture and natural environment, which has a profound influence on the architecture industry. In the interview, the editorial team has discussed how he uses the natural elements to make the buildings “hidden” in the environment, thus completing the “dialogue” between nature and architecture.
  • Exclusive interview: Yu Nagaba, a famous artist and illustrator in Japan. His works were selected as the covers of the popular magazines like POPEYE and BRUTUS. Nagaba is good at creating simple characters on white background with black lines, leading a trend of minimalist illustration. What does white, the background color for most of his works, mean to him? How did he succeed in creating a “Nagaba style” with simple lines? Let’s find the answers of these secrets in his kingdom of illustration!
  • Leaving blank space can balance the elements in design. Knowing how to flexibly arrange blank space well is a very important step to design a wonderful work. In this issue, the editorial team interviewed the graphic designers ákos Polgárdi (Hungary) and Io Woo (Indonesia), as well as the interior designer Jie Jiang (China) and design team \\ 'BranD Agency (Indonesia). Through the interviews, the secrets of using blank space in design were uncovered.
  • BranD×Yu Nagaba. The illustration on the cover of BranD No. 58 is Yu Nagaba’s work The Last Supper. The craft of lenticular printing is applied in the cover design. When readers turn the cover gently, they can see various images changing, which surprisingly presents a 3D effect on a 2D cover.