BranD #57

BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Brand Design and Branding, with English-Chinese and English versions, published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd. and distributed globally since 2012.

Every issue defines a theme and invites contributions from worldwide notable branding designers.

BranD No.57: Four Legs of Self-Publishing

In the era of market segmentation, individual reading needs have become more and more obvious, and the form of publishing has been redefined accordingly.

As a result, self-publishing has rapidly developed into an emerging power in the publishing industry. Self-publishing not only satisfies the individualized expression of the creators, but also explores diverse book structures and bindings from a modern perspective, breaking the previous simple way to present the works.

The bookstore industry, which is closely connected with the publishing industry, also extends a branch—independent bookstore—that has a personal book selection standard. The owner of independent bookstore critically selects publications and products that are in accordance with the temperament of the bookstore.

Independent bookstore plays a leading and enlightening role in the community and even the society.

Selling Points:

1. What is the process to create a self-publication? How to establish its content and design concept? BranD team explores the charming points of self-publishing, including working methods and the ways to maintain an efficient output by the interviews with 6 internationally renowned self-publishing studios.One of the studios is the creative team of MacGuffin, which has won the Editor of the Year and Art Director of the Year of Stack Award.

2. Independent bookstores have gradually become one of the offline publicity channels of self-publishing studios.Why the independent bookstore is titled with “independent”? BranD team “visits” the independent bookstores in China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and Portugal to probe into how they explore a new model of development in the post-pandemic era and activate the cultural identity of community.

3. The works featured on this issue will focus on self-publishing. BranD team aims to deliver innovative content and book structure to readers through 55 excellent domestic and overseas self-publishing projects.

4. Designers’ manuscripts of the works included in this issue are presented to readers, which show the making process of the self-publication, and narrow the distance between the works and readers.

5. Paper is the most common material for making a book. How to construct a spatial zone for book through the two-dimensional paper? Inspired by the works included in this issue, BranD team summarizes various ways to take advantage of paper and explore how paper gives new forms to self-publications.

6. Readers can see the changes in the self-publications in the field of Chinese music from the end of 20th Century to now through Chronology of Self-Publishing of Independent Music in China.

7. What are the four legs of self-publishing? What should one do to be a self-publisher? This issue unveils the four legs through the bookmarks coming with each magazine.