Bracket #Vol 6

Conceived as a publication that features everything in between — ideas, voices and processes that are overlooked and under-appreciated.

Brackets are commonly used as a parentheses in writing to add supplementary information — containing materials that are seen to be dispensable without destroying or altering the meaning of a sentence. The publication covers topics that in modern day, have become seemingly dispensable.

Each issue, we survey 16 individuals through a questionnaire — a single blank A4 sheet containing 10 - 15 questions on the subject. Their handwritten answers are published, unedited and uncensored.

In this latest issue of Bracket, 15 thinkers and makers from around the world are surveyed on the topic of Change. How we can get unstuck. The issue also includes 10 previously unpublished interviews on People.

Foreword by Chris Riley
"It is a time to shift. The most amazing thing about this time for creative talent is that the energy of creativity, the frustration with what is, and the impulse to create something new are the very things currently being demanded by the world, by business, by politics, by your economy, and by your culture. Being stuck sucks. Being stuck right now is insane."

Each contributor is sent a questionnaire on which they would handwrite their answers or customise however they want. The results are published in an A2-size broadsheet.