Bold Journal #10 Creative Ageing

Bold Journal is a South Korean Lifestyle Magazine for fathers living in this era, and is a premium media brand that captures the significant value of life in a modern tone.

Issue No.10 — Creative Ageing

The moment we feel like our bodies aren’t what they used to be, we can become overwhelmed with the concern that maybe we’re somehow becoming more and more boring.

We know that we’re ageing but we rarely think about how we’re going to come to terms with the fact, how our lifestyles should change to support the transition, and how we’re going to learn to positively coexist with our ageing bodies.

This issue of Bold Journal tackles the issue of ageing creatively.
Be inspired by the tales of fathers who have refused to fight nature and have instead chosen to mature in their own unique way by graciously accepting and adapting to the changes in their bodies and minds.