Beneficial Shock! #2

Beneficial Shock! Is an independently run biannual magazine, that takes a humorous, unexpected and irreverent look at film.

Beneficial Shock! Magazine: Unconventional Cinematic Adventures.

As with all worthwhile things, the idea for this magazine emerged from a discussion between two disgruntled mates down the pub. A mutual love for movies paired with the desire to see more creative editorial expression, spurred these two friends to create Beneficial Shock!, inspired by—and dedicated to—unconventional cinematic adventures.

Beneficial Shock! is a new bi-annual magazine for film lovers and design enthusiasts, with accompanying screen based motion features that will champion progressive thinking from contemporary illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. Rather than your standard film magazine full of reviews, celebrity news and press images, Beneficial Shock! aims to use illustration, visual documentation and design in humorous and irreverent ways to expressively interpret film related content.

In short, film is just the beginning.

In each thematic issue we will explore a chosen topic, looking at its relationship to film in surprising and often unconventional ways. 

Issue Two: Mind
In this second issue we peel back the layers of the human psyche to reveal just what it is that makes us tick. From 'The Method' employed by actors to fully inhabit a character to dangerous little vermin literally invading our brains intent on devilish mind control, the content of this issue should get your own grey matter going.

Issue 2 features work by Ellice Weaver, George Mccullum, Jack Mears, Katia Fouquet, James Graham, Joe Munro and Robert Rubbish lending their barmy imaginings to features on mirrors as devices of altered perception, a revisionist take on Snow White and an answer to the question: what exactly did happen to Barton Fink after the end credits rolled? Alongside these more cerebral features are a mind-boggling array of graphic novels, mock adverts and visual prescriptions to cure even the most headstrong cynic.