Beauty Papers #6

Beauty Papers Issue 6

In a world where small minds appear to run the ship—often at the expense of creativity, inclusivity and, indeed, humanity—it feels timely for Beauty Papers to celebrate BIG in all its myriad forms; talent, fame, expression, age, honour, gender and conscience.

In this issue the big art of conversation, now a Beauty Papers staple, is explored in exclusive musings with the likes of makeup artist Topolino, milliner Stephen Jones, hair supremo Eugene Souleiman and the celebrated artist Gillian Wearing. We go on an existential trip with model/muse Guinevere Van Seenus and photographer Yelena Yemchuk, view yet another side of the multi-faceted Kate Moss, shot through the lens of Lisa Butler, and as David Sims collaborates with makeup artist Lucia Pieroni a schizophrenic beauty bacchanal is the fantastical result.

When it comes to big dreams Polly Borland’s Bowery-esqe work will certainly take your there and so will the idiosyncratic visions of Julie Verhoeven, as photographed by Annie Collinge. And what could be bigger than the arresting portraits of street photographer Bruce Gilden who has shot an exclusive series for Beauty Papers on the sidewalks of New York. No magazine celebrating BIG would be complete without Hollywood and here Gwendoline Christie does the honours in a shoot by Sean Ellis, and BAFTA award-winning film makeup artist Morag Ross reveals the true beauty of age.