Bauhaus Air Vase - Mikiya Takimoto

Photographs from the [BAUHAUS DESSAU] series taken by photographer Mikiya Takimoto will be printed on the paper, allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful photographs in three dimensions.

BAUHAUS, the legendary German school of plastic arts, still retains its walls, ceilings, beams, etc., each painted in its own way. From the "BAUHAUS DESSAU" series of 2004 photographs, in which the architectural details of the school building are captured as if in a painting.
This is a paper container that can change its shape freely, as if it were enveloping air. Depending on how it is spread out, it is possible to create a variety of shapes. The paper is thin and light, but when it becomes three-dimensional, it becomes taut and strong and can stand on its own.

Size:193mm in diameter
Package: W200 x H200mm
Contents:3 pieces