Batshit Times #2

BATSHIT TIMES is an online and print magazine showcasing experimental art inspired by the frustrations and anxieties of humanity’s contemporary geopolitical-technocratic landscape.

The editor’s goals are to critique the chaos, fragmentation, and dissimulation of our times and to celebrate the ironic coalescence of artist and activist communities through visual projects, films, essays, and articles on emerging experimental art forms and science practices.

Volume no.2: Melting Point refers to the point-of-no-return for a botched experiment gone wrong, calling to mind images of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor; the ever-impending threat of climate catastrophe; the fire Prometheus steals from Zeus to give to humanity; the working and artist classes spilling into the streets during a summer of protest; and the evaporation of the American melting pot myth amidst a failed pandemic response, increased racial and nationalist prejudice, voter suppression, and economic meltdown.

In light of the global quarantine, how has the artist role-played as scientist, teasing and testing unfamiliar materials and formulating new theories about the phenomenology of art? What happens when the artist as scientist is left to their own demise in their makeshift laboratory, searching for meaning in a world of post-truth and non-reality, for relatability in a hyper-online society with no physical human contact?

What happens when Dr. Jekyll loses themselves in their work, confronting a side they never thought to find? Or when Frankenstein becomes their own monster, misplacing knowledge and rediscovering it as a smoldering ember: a beacon of light in the darkness that is harmful to the touch?

In this issue, artists and scientists combine their expertise to envision a post-quarantine, post-Trump, post-capital, post-post until you die future. What will the new normal look like when these thinkers and experimenters bring the new abnormal to the forefront — visions of machine-readable police brutality, landfill agriculture, dead bee helixes, bathroom performance art, JUUL pod sculptures, hauntological soundscapes, satirical street posters, and orgasms turned into music.

Featuring Holyrad Studio, Beshken, Von, Jade Fabello, Hugo Christian-Slane, Joy Youwakim, SHLVES, Mt. Borracho.

F/W 2020.

160 pages.