Avaunt #8

Avaunt invites the reader to escape the urban grind through a series of brilliantly written and stunningly photographed articles, featuring extraordinary people and reports that go well beyond the radar of the mainstream press. It’s for those with a thirst for the unusual, whether they want to find out about the world’s most remote and inaccessible places, learn about the latest discoveries in science and technology, or simply be surprised by a great story.

In this issue:

Grime & Punishment: Russia’s Rappers vs Putin / Fishing Camels of the Aral Sea / Pyrogeography / Restoring Niemeyer’s Abandoned Lebanese Fairground / Sapeurs / The Anatomy of an Antarctic Explorer / Off-Grid Pods / Modern Treasure Hunters / Solar Farms of the Mojave Desert / Michael Ignatieff and the Battle for European Democracy / The Brocken Spectre / Mezcal: The Soul of Oaxaca / Women in Counter-Terrorism / Tadao Ando’s Chichu Art Museum / Mirrorlands: A Journey Along the Chinese-Russian Borderand much more.