Avant #1

Avant Magazine's first volume explores the rich history behind American workwear. The Anthology on American Workwear issue chronicles the apparel fandom since the California Gold Rush alongside interviews with denim archaeologist Brit Eaton and Rin Tanaka.

Highlights in the publication include a story on “Denim Hunters,” a conversation with Wouter Munnichs who is an expert on denim and founder of Long John, as well as discussions with Larry McKaughan who founded Heller’s cafe and is an avid vintage collector. Conclusively, the unique cover was made by Mark Maggiori with a series of antique pictures, still lifes, and illustrations of western America observed across the issue.

AVANT is a bi-annual magazine founded by Eric Maggiori (@ericm.vintage) and based in Paris, France. It celebrates the history of vintage clothing in the past, present and future. Each issue would focus on a specific topic, offering a fresh and modern perspective on how vintage clothing influenced today's society. 

Stories and interviews of AVANT magazine are narrated by a core of passionate, creative contributors who stand for the same values : craftsmanship, lifestyle and heritage. The magazine features endless amazing stories, interviews and still-life pictures never-seen before.