Audrey Earrings - Blue

 Audrey Earrings | Blue
Product Information:
Materials: Paper and Silver

Size: Width 1.3cm Length 5cm

Description: The Audrey earrings are handmade from upcycled paper and silver and designed to be super light weight.  Available in eight different colours, you have a fitting choice for every outfit and occasion.  

Care: All of our pieces are water resistant but not fully waterproof so we advise not submerging in water. Please keep away from alcohol, perfumes and oils. Keep stored in a dust and damp free place.

Biju Jewellery is a boutique company founded by Natalie Itinov - a paper artist and design graduate from the University of the Arts, London.

Biju Jewellery was born from the idea of blurring the boundaries between materials of opposing qualities, such as paper and silver and using them to create new and exciting pieces. In our process we combine our love for paper art and silversmithing in order to create jewellery that is unique, lightweight and contemporary. Through the use of upcycled materials our brand advocates for sustainability and the products we offer are recyclable, vegan and cruelty free.

Everything you see in our catalogue has been designed and handmade in London, however our background is Bulgarian, where the name Biju means a delicate ornament.  

From idea to completion, our products are designed, assembled and packaged with utmost care and true enthusiasm and we hope that you would enjoy exploring them as much as we enjoy making them.