Athletica #7

The Athletica project is about motion – and emotion – inherent to human life, body and soul, body and language. We are about physical expression or should we say culture physique.

Athletica is a photography and lifestyle journal featuring a community of artists from all around the World. From everyday gestures to Olympic feats and artistic expression,with athletes, dancers, performers and workers,we will show you movement through fashion and documentary series.

Our subjects will share their myriad passions with us,from motocross to contemporary dance,from gymnastics to martial arts,and even military training.
It is the fruit of thought set in motion.

In short, Athletica is about movement, the perpetual movement of life. Athletica is active, elegant, healthy, arty, stylish….

In Issue #7

Who says sport in 2021, necessarily says Tokyo Olympic Games. At the edge of the training grounds with the athlete Pascal-Martinot Lagarde, the fencer Sara Balzer and the gymnast Oksana Chusovitina ... Athletica has projected itself in Japan, and soon on the podium?

Skateboarding is coming to the Games this year with the ambition of becoming a major sport. To embody this very particular way of life, Noah Francisco, a young French roller athlete made us ride Paris.

To end on an escape in good shape, we escaped alongside the runner couple Katie Schide and Germain Grangier who are training for their next ultra trail in the heart of nature ...