Athleta #4

Athleta is a photographic magazine. It tells stories of timeless sports, careless of the day’s sporting events.

Through images, it narrates about of people and places. Dilapidated gyms, drenched in fatigue, dirt roads or Nordic landscapes. Everywhere sports are spontaneous. Exotic perhaps, unknown to many, but real and sweaty, faithful to the values of competition in all it’s cultural forms.

Stories in issue 4:

- The temples of bicycle
- Blood and sweat
- Bangers
- I thought of Icarus
- Forgive me
- Complaining is a waste of time
- Várzea
- The football Olympus
- Neverland

Contributors to issue 4: Alessandro Simonetti, Boogie, Francesco Costantino Ciampa, Gabriele Tinti, Giovanni Gallio, Joseph Fox, Lorenzo Fabiano, Matt Ben Stone, Matteo Fontana, Micheal Blann, Oliver Cable, Piotr Drzastwa, Sara Capovilla, Sara Mazzucato, Simon Di Principe.

Translations: Peter Mead, Madison Solow.