Archer #17

Archer Magazine is an award-winning print publication about sexuality, gender and identity. It is published twice-yearly in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on lesser-heard voices and the uniqueness of our experiences.

Archer #17 - the HOME issue

the HOME issue features articles on the theme of ‘home’, which can be a place, space, concept or feeling.

The issue explores the many factors that influence our connection to home, such as relationships, family structures, race, culture, identity, class, poverty and homelessness, and includes a photo-essay about Black queer people’s connection to land and community, and a migrant writer experiencing pressures to assimilate.

From editor-in-chief Roz Bellamy:

“Through many different lenses, issue 17 examines what it means to be home, which may involve safety and comfort, fear or insecurity, or a yearning for change and belonging.

Archer Magazine has always aimed to lift up lesser-heard voices, and in this issue, our contributors tell compelling stories about their experiences of home that intersect with race, class, disability, gender and sexuality.”