AM-XX Horizont #20

With a longing gaze mankind is looking to the horizon.

A place of hope, the destination of the pursuit of happiness, the unexplored frontier, a symbol for the unknown, calculable but not existent, a non-place, located in a utopia, unreachable yet so close. With each step the horizon moves ahead, always with us, always away from us.

The horizon is the last limitation, it forms the threshold between the visible and the invisible, reality and fantasy, between immanence and transcendence. It is the purview of the individual reality of every human being where nothingness lies across. We're not able to look behind the curtain which covers the world beyond our world. But if we change our prospect transcending the horizon becomes possible.
AM—XX is the attempt to trespass the limiting sphere and to observe the unobservable.

The Akademische Mitteilungen, short AM, is a project of the editorial class of the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart. »AM—XX Horizont« is an independent magazine established in the field of culture, art and design.

The publication has been mentioned »as one of the most versatile and diverse magazines produced by students« (SLANTED.DE) and its high quality has gained international attention.

This publication is already the 20th Issue of the Akademische Mitteilungen series.

Research, editorial and design, as well as funding and manufacturing was realised by Benedikt Eisenhardt and Magnus Wiedenmann.

The magazine has a printrun of 1,500 copies and was released bilingual, german and english. In over 112 pages the magazine deals with different philosophies, perceptions and topics about horizons.