Alla Carta #24

Alla Carta is a bi-annual international publication that approaches high-end fashion, art and design in a unique Italian way. We truly believe in paper, carta in Italian. At a time when the web may appear to be the only valid avenue of communication, Alla Carta is an ode to the most precious of mediums and to the most precious moment of the day: our interviews always take place around a table, to celebrate one of the oldest Italian habits, conviviality.

Issue #24 (Blob)

This issue of Alla Carta is a blob, literally “a chaotic or random mass, a mess”. In this case, an indefinite mass of images, to all appearances lacking any formal rigour or consistency: the articles and interviews, in all their density, follow on from one another across nebulous boundaries.

The result may indeed seem chaotic, but certainly not random. Blob seems to evoke the technique of appropriation art, appropriating images from Italian television to give them new life and meaning.

Quite the opposite of a mess. With an approach similar to repurposing, Blob reuses materials that have already been ‘consumed’—television quizzes, news shows, focus programmes—and re-assembles them into a frenetic collage that reveals the inconsistencies, absurdities and contradictions of Italian society and beyond, all with a certain irony.

This issue of Alla Carta walks the thin line between chaos and calm, visual disorder and the desire to send a careful and timely message.